Monday, May 10, 2010


So I frequent this blog Girl Goes East. Wait, don't click that yet I'mnotdonewiththisentry. The author is hilarious and writes Throwback Fridays and Awkward Wednesdays. We have something in common...all of my Wednesdays are awkward, too. In fact, every day is awkward for me.

I have been single for almost a year. Sometimes I tell my mom that I am going to be celibate, in jest. IN JEST.

Last Friday, my mother called me over to help her with her computer ineptitude. In the search engine box was, "Christian college singles." She proceeded to search through all the guys that were pictured in our area.

There is nothing wrong with online dating. There is something wrong with picking out an online date for your daughter, however. When she wasn't looking for one.

Other awkward things:

Scrambling around figuring out what to do after spilling a cup of water on your laptop. (Hint: The answer is not to keep using it. Learned that the hard way.)

Missing the bus and run-walking after it through a construction zone, as the bus driver recognizes you and gives you a sympathetic stare.

People on the 197 bus route that terminates in Pompton Lakes. Period.

An ex's mom not taking you off her "mass text message" list and then calling you.

Having an old hippie professor hug you goodbye. Three times.

This hasn't happened to me, but it's awkward: When someone changes his or her relationship status on Facebook, and people comment on it "congratulations." You're pretty much saying "Dudeski you're finally going to get laid and I don't have to listen to you whine or ignore your phonecalls anymore."

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