Monday, May 17, 2010

Single and Ready to Mingle.

Am I hopeless? Was my solitary relationship a fluke? I'm really starting to wonder.

I have a close friend with whom I spend a good amount of time every weekend. We sometimes brood about the single life, as single girls do, just making our single-ness more apparent. But anyway, we make the most of it and go out every weekend. But "go out" means go to Quickchek and the diner. I know, we suck. And three people have let us know this within the course of this week, by doing things like making fun of the fact that we get dressed up and spend our weekends in QuickChek. One person even wrote on my dumb ass Formspring contraption that I need to get "my own life" and meet new people. Now, I take this partially as a compliment, because these people see potential in us. But I'm in COLLEGE. I should be doing keg stands and kissing random boys and vomiting everywhere(well I do that ....I will post my vomit stories in the future. They are a surefire way to make people laugh/stay far away.)

So how do I, as an awkward girl staying home for college with the intention of saving money, with more skills with a pen than in actual human interaction, meet boys? I need flirting lessons. I need to be MADE. This is serious business. And seriously not fair.

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  1. It's ok, I'm doing college wrong too. From, Leann.