Monday, May 24, 2010

I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness

So, two of my friends and I are doing a "Biggest Loser" contest.

We celebrated our "last supper" until the end of June with Chipotle burritos and something called The Farm from the icecream place Applegate Farm in Montclair. A Chipotle Burrito, as you probably know, is the size of a small football, filled with fat disguised as vegetables and rice. To describe The Farm, I'll use an SAT-style analogy: A garden is to an average sundae from Carvel as a Farm is to ___. Well, if you can't imagine this, it is a tub of ice cream with 16 scoops (4 flavors) and ours had gummy bears, cheesecake pieces, and cookie pieces.

Anyway, we weighed ourselves after we ate the burritos. My weight read a little higher than usual, probably because I had just ingested something that weighed more than my head.

And, of course, the prize for the competition is a Chipotle burrito. Full cycle, as we segue back into unhealthy eating habits.

I really want to win this, not because I want a burrito (although I'm psyched about it) but because it is a reason to get in shape and lose weight. If all of us change our lifestyles a bit, it will be easier to eat healthy.

I have been running semi-regularly all the while, but I have only lost 2 pounds. On Saturday my friend Matt took me on a trail called the Pipeline by my house, which had pretty trees and a place where you can jump off into some water. I didn't jump in because I didn't want to take off my shirt and reveal my beer belly, which is more like a disco-fries-every-week belly. Not so interesting or fun... more like the product of self-loathing and hopelessness. But I digress.

So after we went on the trail (which we didn't finish because I could not run 6 miles because I am not that awesome yet) we went to the track at our old high school. I did another 1/2 mile there, making my total about 2 1/2 miles says Matt, but I really have no clue. It felt good to run on dirt and clay, a nice alternative to the treadmill I'm used to (where my brother, whose webcam is across from it, once went on Chatroulette and show my huge running ass to an abundance of penises and creepy people). After we cooled down, as we were walking to the car, we had an impromptu HS class of 2009 reunion. I'm not going to get into it (BE THE BIGGER PERSON, RIGHT?). I am proud of my self control that I didn't sit down with a carton of ice cream (I waited till Sunday for that) and "take quizzes in Cosmo" after. However, I did eat my problems away in a more productive way: not having eaten since a Hot Pocket at 3, I did go to the diner at around 9 and order a huge panini. Carpe diem, though, folks.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my two friends with whom I am doing the Biggest Loser contest (that is the place of the inception of the idea.) We went to a beautiful dog-walking park with trees and a beautiful view, plus the view of some poor person's backyard, where they probably look out their window every day and find a college kid taking the Road Less Traveled and smoking a joint to celebrate.

Tomorrow, my friend Nicole and I are going to take a Zumba class (first one is free WOOOOOO.) My mom might go, too. Actually, I'm going to force her to go so there's someone in there who likes exercising less than I do.

Au revoir !

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