Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why don'tcha blog about it?

Just to warn you, this entry is not even going to try to be funny. I was just browsing Facebook, and I saw a group called "1,000,000+ people who disapprove of building a mosque at Ground Zero!" I was unaware that this was happening until I saw this group. In the group, people post every minute saying things like:
"I thought this is one nation under God not allah"


" If they're allowed to build a mosque at ground zero, it's like giving them a trophy for the attack on 9-11."


"An absolute disgrace,and those that voted for this have REALLY short term memory if they've already forgotten what these animals did to us. Let the spineless that voted this in go poll people who lost loved ones in this tragedy, they'll learn quickly how wrong this is"


"I have absolutely no patience with this profanity in the face of the police officers, firemen, and civilians who lost their lives or were injured on 9/11. When are people going to wise up and get rid of this politically correct crap being shoved down our throats. It equates to putting a statue of Hitler at the Holocaust Memorial! All of America should weep if this is permitted to happen. All of America should fight tooth and nail to keep it from happening."

I would love to respond to each of these with a retort that shows them how closed-minded they are being. However, a military man of 15 years tried responding to a few and received a stubborn "This is MY America" answer from all of them. Because you can't change someone's stupidity, I will write about it here, safe from all the CAPSLOCK CONVERTERS WHO THINK THEIR MESSAGE WILL MAKE MORE SENSE YELLED.

First of all, HITLER STATUE?! REALLY?!? Hitler invoked mass genocide of the Jews. Terrorists killed 2000 of our people, and we killed way more of theirs in war. And way more than 2000 of our troops have died in the war we started. There is no comparison to the Holocaust. If anything, the people who joined this group have views that align with Hitler's more than the "terrorists" did on 9/11. They clearly think that Christianity is the superior religion, which is just about the same type of baseless claim as "white is the superior race."

And how is it a disgrace to build a Mosque? By saying that building a place of worship near our country's Ground Zero is wrong, you are ultimately alienating that group. The terrorists' (I hate that word, but I'll use it for the sake of the argument) religious beliefs did not inspire them to hijack those planes, other people did. No religious belief is "bad" or "hateful" and to say that it is one nation under God "and not Allah" is contrary to freedom of religion and just plain retrogressive.

Wow, that racism course actually did make me more enlightened. Now I know how helpless a converter, an activist talking to a bunch of intolerant loonies (who, in their collective looniness, become the norm) feels.

Peace and love, eliminate the hate, let's get together and feel alright, etc.

And happy Memorial Day Weekend! Maybe these people who are so worried about that Mosque should worry more about our national holiday turning to an irreverent shit show (see last post). Just sayin.

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  1. I saw that group, because one of my fb friends ended up joining it...and you basically put into words a lot of the reasons why I didn't join it. Isn't America supposed to be the land of the free to worship as they please?